Formuler boxes


When you get the box home, start with the o plug in all the supplied cables

and use internet cable if you have poor wifi.

Now you start the box and let it install everything.

But you’re not quite done yet!

Now go up to the gear in the upper right corner

Then go to update and install latest firmware m.m



IMPORTANT TO SEND THE RIGHT ID NUMBER * Mac address * that you find inside the edit portal. SEE PICTURE RIGHT
In Portal Nickname, type what you want the portal to be called
In Portal URL you specify the portal we send to you via email
Once you have filled in the link on the PORTAL URL, press the BACK button on your remote
You should not tick Login Required
If you have done everything right now, the portal will start up
If it does not start then you should check if you sent the correct ID number and wrote the portal right that we sent you!

Step 3

When the portal has loaded everything, press the menu button on the box
Now go to settings
Go down and change Buffer Time to 3 Sec
Scroll down until you find Epg Mode change it to Normal
If Channel List Style is not on Classic then we think you should change it to it, as the layout will be much better and it is easier and smoother
Now that you’ve changed all this, go out and start a channel
The box will ask if you want to download audio files and you should
Once installed, the sound will disappear on some channels BUT make a reboot and the sound is back
To add text to certain channels and so on, press RED BUTTON then a small pop up will appear on the top left of the TV


Now you lean back and relax because now you are done 🙂

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