1. Go to Settings then System Settings
2. Go down to Software Update, then press OK then the Red button to update the software. Wait a few minutes and the box will restart.
3. Go to Settings then System Settings.
4. Go to Video and change to 1080p and 1920 × 1080 Press OK and go back (MAKE THIS STEP FOR MAG256 AS IT KNOWS THIS YOURSELF)
5. Go to Servers
6. Go to General and enter pool.ntp.org press OK and go back
7. Touch Portals
8. On the First Portal, enter this
Portal Name: Pear IPTV
Portal URL: (Portal address is released upon contact)

You do not need to fill in anything for the other Portals. Press OK to save and return.

9. Go to Advanced Settings and change time zone to Europe / Stockholm to get EPG working. Press OK to save

Now you go back until you come out, the box will say it needs to restart in order to use the new settings. Let it restart.
Before you start watching TV, do one last thing. Go to Right until you reach Settings, then Advanced Settings and change Buffer Size from 0 to 15, go down the list and press OK.

Now you can start watching TV.

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