NOTE! For VOD to work you need to download: VLC, MXplayer or similar media players.


Do this!

1. Go to google play
2. Search for the Smart IPTV program
3. Once you have downloaded the Smart IPTV program then start it, where you get something called MAC ADDRESS it can eg. look like this a5:bf:22:98:b3:45
4. Copy the MAC Address or write it down.
5. Go to BUY and hit “any subscription” (Don’t do this if you already have a subscription go to step 7 instead)
6. Fill in the details and apply for an account.
7. Go to this page
8. At the bottom of the delete playlist field, enter your MAC Address and press delete
9. Above you have something called “Add external playlist links (URLs), with auto-update” Here you fill in the following
MAC: Your MAC Address
Link: The link you received from us via mail or live chat
Select Nordic from the drop-down list
Select Enable List Logos
Do NOT tick Save Online (Do this only if you do not make it work)

10. Restart your Nvidia box. After restarting, you must hold down the middle button then press sort groups to sort the channels into groups by countries. Then you have lists called USA VOD, Swedish VOD or eg. UK VOD these are not channels it is VOD content. Here you can fast forward and pause how you want. If you have problems with tough or hacking channels, in 99% of cases they depend on wifi. Try not to run on wifi.

Keep in mind that Smart IPTV is a payment program that costs about 5 euro. It is free for 7 days and when your trial has expired you have to buy the program. You can do this here The SmartIPTV app has nothing to do with us, we are not responsible for its functionality and we do not have support for this app. Then you can contact [email protected] The purchase of the app also has nothing to do with us, so do not email us questions about its payment.

Think about this! A TV, firetv or an Nvidia box etc. connected with Wifi will never give you the experience you are looking for. always try to run with internet cord!

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