1. Switch everything on and start the box
2. Select the language and time zone and complete the update of the latest software box
3. The box will restart after the update
4. Go to Settings and then to Network
5. Write down the MAC Address (Please check that it is the same on the Cardboard box of your box)
6. Go to TV in the left menu and change all settings so that it looks like this:

Stream Source: Multicast
UDPXY Server:
MPEG-TS Buffering, msec: 5000
DVR Storage: No storage
Timeshift storage: Internal storage
Auto time shift: Off
Content Source: Web Portal

Below the Content Source: Web Portal there is a button that says Setup Web portal. Push it
and set the following settings:

Portal URL: http://clientsportals.com:2095/c/

Portal Manager: Off
Use Web portal: Whole System

Then press Apply.

NOTE! Some newer TVs find it difficult to synchronize Update Frequency (Hertz / FPS) with the box and then you can get so-called FPS LAGG. To resolve this, go to Settings – Display and set HDMI Auto Framerate to ON

If you applied for a trial account, you must activate your MAC address which is on the bottom of the box according to the instructions in the video on the trial account page.

If you purchased a subscription, you will email us the MAC address.

Use the form on the trial account page when requesting a trial account


Inside a channel:
Magnifier: Can change language / subtitle (if available in channel) or enable 3D
MENU: Press Aspect Ratio to change aspect ratio eg 4: 3, 16: 9 etc.
Gears: Opens TVIP System Settings
Bottom left button: Can also change Aspect ratio in a channel

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